Current Projects

Nosim Plans more Community/Village Schools

Nosim Maasai Mission (Nosim) plans to take on more community/village schools in 2013.

The Nosim long term goal is to have a primary school in this location with grades pre-kindergarten through 8th Grade.

Nosim will be seeking to underwrite:

  1. hot lunches for this school @ $12.30 per month each student
  2. putting a roof on an existing building estimating $886
  3. finish building a second grade classroom estimated at $1,679
  4. a well done toilet
  5. Two teachers for 52 students in kindergarten and first grade
  6. a new kitchen to meet the guidelines of a government school (an approved government school will provide for the teachers and their salaries)
  7. sponsors for the young students in the school

Nosim Mission Opens Rescue Center

Nosim Maasai Mission has opened a rescue center, called Nosim Home, which will be a safe sanctuary for young girls of High School age, to save them from early marriage and female circumcision. The girls will live at the home during the breaks and holidays from school. When they are on breaks, they will be trained in sex education, independent living skills, financial management, and proactive Christianity as well as individual and group counseling.

People Safari 2013

Nosim is planning a People Safari for September of 2013. It will include a work team, and possible a medical team to take to Kenya, Africa. More info to come.


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