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What happens when a child does not have a sponsor?

That’s a great question.  The right to an education does not comes as easily in Kenya as it does in the United States.  Families are required to pay tuition for their children to attend school.  Without an education, students are destined to a life of early marriage for a girl or herding for a boy.  They will always live in poverty and live a life destitute.  Nosim Maasai Mission currently supports the sponsorship of 36 students, unfortunately there are 47 students on our waiting list who are waiting for someone to sponsor them.  When a student does not have a sponsor they simply do not go to school. Regardless of their age or ability.  Further in this email you will read about three boys who are currently on our waiting list.  All three are currently in their last year of high school and despite their hard work and exceptional grades, they are waiting at home.  Without a sponsor they will have no option but to abandon their dreams and seek work as herders.

Meet Isaac

Isaac is in his final year of high school and is currently without a sponsor.  All of his hard work of trying to rise above the circumstances he was born into are for naught as he waits for someone to help him pay his school fees.  He wrote to his last sponsor and told of his dreams of prosperity in the future, read what he had to say below: “First and foremost is thanks to our heavenly father for his protection.  My name is Isaac.  I am in form three (11th grade) so I will be finishing my form 4 (12th grade) God willing in 2016.  Let me take this chance to thank you for your support, may God bless you .  In my future, I want to be an engineer and God will answer my prayer.  I promise you that I will work hard to fulfill my promise, help me God.  During my college time I want to study engineering as my career and get a job to enable me to earn my living here in Kenya and I know God will do wonders towards my life and I wish you a good life and healthy thank you for your support.  Have a good stay with your family and may God bless you all. Yours faithfully, Isaac”

Meet Jackson

Jackson is a 16 year old boy in need of a sponsor.  Jackson is in his last year of high school and because he has no sponsor is waiting at home until someone is able to help him pay his school fees.  He recently wrote to Nosim.  Read what he had to say below: “I am grateful to the Lord to attend this level and take my National Exams for high school .  My high marks will enable me to complete high school and with faith and God, reach my target to become a doctor.  I wish to a be a doctor because in my short life, I have witnesses much disease and illness in my community of Ole Ki Munke.  Also, as a doctor I can help my parents, my relatives and my community. In faith, I know that the Lord will open every door.  I would like a donor who will pray for me and my future.  I am very sure that there is someone in American who will support my education. It is because of Mama Nosim that I have come this far.  May the Almighty Father bless the work of her hands.  I am sure that I will not let my donor down.  I will work harder and harder to attain my highest level.  In 1 Samuel 2 it says, God will raise you from nothing to something.  So I pray he will raise me to be a leader. Thanks you, From your beloved friend Jackson”

Meet Joseph

Joseph is an outstanding young man in his senior year of high school who caught our attention when he wrote the following letter to Nosim.  I can only hope that you are as moved by his words as we were. “Hello!  I consider this a golden opportunity and the fantastic chance that the Almighty Father has given me.  First and foremost to thank Him for the gift of life that He has provided unto us.  Receive my warm and polite greeting from my family.  I hope that you are kicking well. I take this chance to say and surrender all my thanks to you for your provisions to me.  Actually, it is a very great and heavy load which would have made my parents to process migraine and even leading to my dropping out of secondary education. May the heavenly Father bless you totally and add more for you since He is the great provider of everything. I am also doing well in my studies since I am focused to reach my destination and to fulfill my desires.  Little did  I know that  a life spent making mistakes is more useful than a life spent doing nothing.  No one can predict to what heights you can sore, even I will not know until I spread my wings. With these few remarks I conclude, by wishing you years of peace and prosperity and above all, blessings from God. Yours Sincerely, Joseph”

If you would like to learn more about the Nosim Maasai Mission or how you can help the needs of the children of Kenya, please visit our website

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Promoting and preserving the colorful culture of the Maasai people, by creating an opportunity for education for all, while embracing Christian Philosophies.
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