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Often times the needs of the Maasai people reaches beyond that of educating students, and the Nosim Maasai Mission is called to help. Recently, the mother of one of our sponsored students reached out to us for help.  Jackline, the mother of Kelvin, needed to relocate and was forced to leave her job and home behind.  Jackline found herself in a rural area where there was no work to be found.  Being an innovative young woman, she decided to use the land around her to help her family and her community.  Jackline came to Nosim Maasai Mission in need of seed money, literally.  The mission gave Jackline enough money to buy seeds and start her very own plantation.  The picture above is from Jackline’s plantation, where she grows; corn, beans, tomatoes and coffee.  Jackline plans to use her harvest to feed her family and the families around her by trading her food for other provisions.  Jackline hopes to expand her plantation and her farming efforts to help more people, you can help support the plantation by making a donation on our website http://www.nosimmaasaimission.org


Jackline recently wrote to the Mission to give her thanks, read what she had to say below:


Muga mami ‘Hallo mum’.

 This is kimeru greetings.

 Well, may I wish you good health in Jesus name.  We too are doing fine and am glad that Kelvin was admitted in school.  I am now a bit relieved and I thank God for all your efforts mum because were it not for your efforts I could not have managed and nobody knows the future of this boy. Who knows who he becomes and what role he is going to play even in the community after helping him gain his education. Only God knows what is what. Mum, let’s pray for these children and all children to grow well and knowing God. Nothing else can we can do but to pray for them.  I always pray for you mum and your father Don and your entire family. You have transformed my entire life and those of many. Who can do or act your role that God chose you to do? Nobody.  Each one of us is talented differently.  Thank you again that you are the only parents I am left with. At least I can have somebody to call a mother and someone so reliable who can hear my cry across world and answer. This is God’s miracle.  I end up here wishing you and your entire family good health and long live Mama, Papa and Watoto.

 Mbarikiwe sana.

 ‘Ibwega mono’ Thank you so much!






About nosimmaasaimission

Promoting and preserving the colorful culture of the Maasai people, by creating an opportunity for education for all, while embracing Christian Philosophies.
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