Joesph Makere Writes to Nosim

STUDENT;  Joseph Makere

SCHOOL:  Nakeel Secondary school


Hello!  I consider this a golden opportunity and the fantastic chance that

 the Almighty Father has given me.  First and foremost to thank Him for the gift of life that He has provided unto us.  Receive my warm and polite

greetings from my family.   I hope that you are all kicking well.


I take this chance to say and surrender all my thanks to you for your

provisions to me.  Actually, it is a very great and heavy load which

would have made my parents to process migraine and even leading

to my dropping out of secondary education.


May the heavenly Father bless you totally and add more for you since He

is the great provider of everything.


I am also doing well in my studies since I am focused to reach my destination

and to fulfill my desires.  Little did I know that a life spent doing mistakes

is more useful than a life spent doing nothing.  No one can predict to      

what heights you can soar, even I will not know until I spread my wings.


With these few remarks I conclude, by wishing you years of peace and

prosperity and above all, blessings from God.


Yours sincerely,

Joseph Makere

Rewritten for clarity, November 24, 2015Joseph Makere


About nosimmaasaimission

Promoting and preserving the colorful culture of the Maasai people, by creating an opportunity for education for all, while embracing Christian Philosophies.
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