picture of bloody razor (2)Nosim Maasai Mission believes that all children have a right to education.  We are committed to seeing that all Maasai girls, in the district of Kajardo,Kenya, have the opportunity for education at the highest level achievable.

Maasai girls are viewed as property and, as such, have no rights.  They are forced to under go FGM (Female Genital Mutilation) to prepare them to be sold into marriage as young as age 9.  Married girls are not allowed to be educated and the tribe does not see the reason for educating girls.  Their elder husbands use them to maintain their herds, bare children and serve as slaves to the other wives.



unknown girlI remember very clearly the night I was chosen.  I was 12 years old. I was staying with a relative and attending primary school.  When I visited by home village I learned that I was to be circumcised and married off in exchange for 4 Bull Cows.  When I learned what my father had planned for me, I barrowed 250 Kenya Shillings ($2.50) from a cousin and ran away.  My cousin had told me of a school that rescued young girls.  I obtained directions to the school/rescue center and they contacted the Nosim Maasai Mission organization.   Mama Nosim, who is known as “Mama to the Maasai”, found a sponsor for me in America and I am now completing my education. I am working hard in my studies.  I want to be a Lawyer so that I can defend other girls who are being forced into cutting and early marriage.



I want to study Human Rights because of my experience.  Maasai girls have no rights and they are subjected to violence.  I want to be able to change things for all of my Maasai sisters.  At the age of 9 I was the victim of early forced marriage.  My parents were poor and could not read or write and they needed the bride price to feed our family. Nosim Mission learned of my circumstance and asked the AIC Rescue Center to rescue us.   They came to our village in the dark of night, with police excorts and took me away to their center.  Nosim found a sponsor for me so that I could attend the board school at the center.  I am grateful for my donor.  I want to have a university education so that I can help Maasai girls.  When you see the light you have to spread the light.


About nosimmaasaimission

Promoting and preserving the colorful culture of the Maasai people, by creating an opportunity for education for all, while embracing Christian Philosophies.
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