Safe Travels, Martin!

Martin at Komen walkWe are getting ready to say good-bye to Martin.  He has been busy while he was here: walking in parades, visiting churches, meeting with small groups, helping with the Nosim BBQ and in general, hanging-out with his Highland family.  Martin is grateful for the warm welcome and the kind gifts he has received during his stay in Illinois.

His goal in coming to the United States, was to share his Christian testimony and to raise awareness about the rescue center in his village of Ole Kimunke.  The Nosim rescue center is a place of refuge for young girls who desire to complete their education.  Often times, young girls are forced into early marriage with much older men. The Nosim rescue center is a safe and viable answer for the young girls who refuse to enter into early marriage.  The girls have a safe place to sleep and study while they finish school.  The donations Martin has received while he was in Illinois will be used to help support the Nosim rescue center and to assist in the support of high school students who do not have sponsors.

He will return to his family in Kenya on July 17th.  His young son, Donald will be so happy to see his daddy.  Martin returns to his wife Sally and his small farm where he raises goats.  I asked Martin what he will miss most when he is home.  Martin laughed and said he will ‘miss the food’.  Apparently he gains some weight while staying in Illinois.  When he returns home, the extra weight will drop off.  Aside from the wonderful and plentiful food, he will miss the worship services and his family at Highland Hope United Methodist Church.

Go with God, Martin!


About nosimmaasaimission

Promoting and preserving the colorful culture of the Maasai people, by creating an opportunity for education for all, while embracing Christian Philosophies.
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