Graduation Celebration

OKM Highschool celebration - trophies OKM Highschool celebration - Dancers OKM%20Highschool%20celebration-%20trophy%20presented%20to%20Headmaster[1]

We are so proud of our students at Ole Kimunke Primary School!  Our goal at NMM has been two-fold, to teach the people about Jesus and to offer education to the Maasai children.  In recent years, the Maasai people have endured a devastated economy, political strife and severe droughts.  These troubles have all but destroyed the delicate infrastructure of their culture.  The children in particular suffered with little food and a bleak future; there just wasn’t much reason for hope.  However, the Maasai have always been a strong and resilient people, today their children have hope of a bright future because of educational opportunities offered by NMM’s generous donors.

The graduates of Ole Kimunke Primary School are bright and eager to learn.  They have not only passed their classes, but they have excelled beyond other students of their age group.  Their test scores were the highest in the district!  They did so well, local dignitaries attended the graduation ceremony and gave-out trophies to the students, the parents and the head master of the school.

Pictures Left to right: the trophies given at the celebration, the parents as they dance in celebration and the Head Master receiving his trophy.

God continues to bless the Maasai people through the generous donors of Nosim!  It is great to know that these hard working children are on their way to a better life!

Asante Sana! (Thank You!)


About nosimmaasaimission

Promoting and preserving the colorful culture of the Maasai people, by creating an opportunity for education for all, while embracing Christian Philosophies.
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