Mothers’ Day Blessing

Mothers’ Day Blessing

by  Debra Hoertel

It all begins with mothers, doesn’t it?  The first Mothers’ Day was celebrated in 1908 in honor of Anna Jarvis’ mother.  She wanted to honor all the joy, love and nurturing her mother had bestowed upon her.

We still pause to celebrate our mothers for all they do.  How many of us have mothers who don’t need any more stuff because they have it all?  How many of us are hard pressed to find a gift that will adequately honor the love and sacrifices our moms have made for us?  This is a common problem for many.

We Have an Answer

How about honoring your mother by donating desperately needed items to children in Kenya!  The Maasai children we serve, feed and educate have need of many items.  Imagine the joy of a needy child when they are gifted with necessities that we take for granted.

Here is a list of gift ideas:

  • Lunch….$1.50
  • Underwear …$2.00 (Pack of three)
  • Socks…$3.50 (Four pairs)
  • Boots…$10.00
  • Personal Care Kit…$10.00  (Soap, shampoo etc.)
  • Shoes…$11.76
  • School Uniform…$14.00
  • Sponsor Elementary Student…$30.00 (For one month)
  • Sponsor High School Student…$60.00 (For one month)

As you can see, the gifts are not expensive, but they are so desperately needed.  What a great way to remember and honor our mothers!  These children are so deserving; they are striving so hard to obtain an education.  They want and grow-up to serve their community.  Their needs are simple; can you help them and honor your mother at the same time?

Payment Options:

Mail Check to Nancy Manor, 25A Jason’s Pointe, Highland, Il 62249.  Indication which gifts you want to give.


Use PayPal link from Nosim web site

Bless Them!

The top picture is Kevin and the lower picture is Rebecca.  It is the rainy season in Kenya.  Notice their shoes and wet socks; they are caked with mud.  They could really use some rain boots!

Second Grade School Room

The Maasai people have historically been a nomadic culture.  They follow their herds many miles to find better grazing land taking their families with them.  Children and cattle are highly prized among the Maasai people.  A common greeting among the Maasai is, “How are your children’ and how are your cattle?”  In recent years, political strife and severe drought has taken its toll on their cattle leaving the young children with no legacy for the future.

At Nosim Maasai Mission, we believe education holds the future for the Maasai people and their children.  Part of our mission is to educate the children; we have found them to be bright and eager to learn!

This autumn, Nosim is putting together a work team to travel to Kenya.  Can you swing a hammer?  Could you handle a paint brush?  Perhaps you have the heart and skill to be part of ‘People Safari 2013’.

People Safari 2013

One of the tasks of People Safari 2013 is to complete the classroom pictured on the right.  With the skill and hard work of the People Safari 2013, it will become a second grade school room.  We will need many other skill sets in our work group.  If this type of mission speaks to your heart, contact Nancy Manor (Nosim) and she can give you the details of the mission trip.  Asante Sana!

Our Mission Statement:

Our mission is to promote and preserve the colorful culture of the Maasai people by creating an opportunity for education for all, while embracing the Christian philosophy of:

Each one

Reach one to

Teach one.

Nosim Home

‘Nosim’ is a Maasai word that means sanctuary, a place of safety.  That is exactly what Nosim Home is for many young women.  In African culture, it is very common for young girls (sometimes as young as five years old) to be pulled out of school so that they can get married.  Often the marriages are arranged before the girls are born.

In cases where the girls are being forced into marriage with much older men, the families will kidnap the girls.  They endure a mandatory wedding and start a family before they become adults.  These girls have no choice and no hope.

Nosim Home is a place of safety from early marriage for girls who want to complete their education and put off marriage till they are older.

Meet Martin!

His full name is, Martin Ole Purrengei.  He was born and raised in a Maasai Village in Kenya, Africa.  He received his education through the generosity of a sponsor/donor and Nosim Maasai Mission.

Martin will be in the United States from June to July.  He would love to speak to your organization, group or congregation about his upbringing in a Maasai village and being raised by his father’s four wives!

Learn how Martin became a Christian and is now dedicating his life to see that every Maasai child receives an education.

Contact Nosim today to reserve your time with Martin!


About nosimmaasaimission

Promoting and preserving the colorful culture of the Maasai people, by creating an opportunity for education for all, while embracing Christian Philosophies.
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